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Your body is designed to heal itself. This innate healing power and wisdom is universally known but often downplayed in Western medicine.  My methods are designed to assist you in maximizing your body’s ability to heal itself. It blends ancient and modern concepts of healing such as homeopathy, nutritional therapy, chiropractic and Chinese meridian assessment.  The combination of reducing your unique set of stressors and supporting your body’s healing powers are the keys to achieving wellness.

What you should know about Dr. Jensen…

PJensen100x100 After graduating from Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Jensen began his life’s work at the Alternative Health Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  He has spent the last 3 decades practicing alternative methods of healing. His years of success using these methods and his devotion to continued learning sets him apart in the field of alternative medicine. Dr. Jensen offers natural solutions for all ages, and he especially encourages using natural treatment on children. Properly solving the causes of childhood illness is the key to being a healthy adult. Even serious childhood disease responds very well to alternative medicine.

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