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To assist our patients in their journey to better health by:

-Providing personalized health care that identifies, treats and heals the underlying causes of disease.

-Teaching lifestyle principles and skills that empower patients to reach and maintain optimal health and well-being.

    For centuries, doctors of many disciplines of natural healing have depended on the healing power of the patient’s own body for the success of their treatment.  In other words, the body in it’s own natural wisdom has the ability to heal its problems provided it is supported correctly.

    This natural healing power of the body has been called many different names.  DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic called it “innate intelligence”.  The founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnneman called it the “vital force” of the body.  In eastern civilizations, this concept was understood several thousand years ago.  The Chinese used the term “qi” to describe the flow of this energy. In India, the Yogis call this, “prana”, which means “vital life energy”.

    Our clinic is designed to assist you in maximizing your own vital life energy.  It brings together both ancient and modern concepts of healing including Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Nutritional therapy, Naturopathy, and Chiropractic.  The concept is simple; minimize the stressors to your body and maximize your biological defenses.  If you do this, not only will you heal your problems, but you will have greater vitality.

Why does this work?

In order for your body to begin to heal, you and I must first figure out why you have not healed in the past.  This first step is crucial and often the downfall of a treatment program.

    You as a unique individual have your own set of stressors.  Certain functions of your body are stronger or weaker than others.  Therefore, the key is to gather information about your strengths and weaknesses through an accurate and comprehensive method.

    You are never simply a stomachache, backache, or runny nose.  In other words, your symptoms do not occur in isolation, but rather all your physical, biochemical, and emotional symptoms are interconnected. These interrelationships are accurately assessed by answering specific in-depth questions. Many of these questions we ask may even appear to be irrelevant to your complaints.

    In addition, we have found the use of Chinese Meridian Assessment to be the most useful technology for gathering information about your body.  With an accurate assessment in place, we are able to decide what type of treatment your body needs to begin the journey of healing.

    The purpose of treatment is not to eliminate your symptoms, but rather provide the necessary support and stimulation of your body’s vital life energy so that you will start healing. The first step in your treatment at our office is to make sure your body’s basic needs are being met.  These basic needs include adequate amounts of clean water, nutritious food, proper exercise, management of stress and adequate rest.  The next step is to more specifically address your individual needs.  Treatment may consist of detoxing your organs and tissues, stimulation of metabolic, hormonal, and immune function, activation of biological defense mechanisms, correction of musculoskeletal problems and emotional healing.

What makes our clinic unique from other natural treatments?

While many natural practitioners do understand these concepts, their methods tend to parallel the thinking of western medicine.  That philosophy of health focuses more on isolated issues rather than looking deeper to the causal relationships that simultaneously occur in the body. Although, treating a condition with a natural product or therapy is safer than pharmaceuticals, our objective is to go much further than just addressing symptoms.

    In addition, we are very committed to your education.  As the old saying goes, “you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach him to fish and feed him for life.”  Our program will empower you to do your own healing as well as take charge of your health in your future.

What results can you expect?

Our objective is to not merely have your symptoms go away, but rather have your biological, physical, and emotional functioning be the best that it can be. The result will be an increase of vitality, greater inner peace, and increased resistance to aging and disease.  All of which are vital to a long and happy life.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 May 2007 )
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