Iodine Instructions
Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   

Research shows that most Americans are iodine deficient. Iodine deficiency has been linked to thyroid problems, heart disease, breast disease, breast cancer, other cancers, tremors, restlessness, insomnia, low hormone production, viral, parasitic and bacterial infections.

 Iodine is also important for fetal brain development and has been linked to mental retardation, reduced I.Q. and A.D.D. in children whose mothers were iodine deficient.
Iodine loading is a procedure for gradually increasing your tissue iodine levels and getting your body to eliminate chlorine, bromine and fluorine. These toxic elements (which are similar in structure to iodine) accumulate in your body when you are iodine deficient. Gradually increasing your dose of iodine helps to minimize the detox reaction that can happen as these elements are eliminated. Detox symptoms very widely but the most common symptoms are a runny nose or other cold and flu-like symptoms.
The recommended schedule is:
1 tablet of Prolamine Iodine for the first 2 weeks.
1 tablet AM and 1 tablet PM for another 2 weeks.
2 tablets AM and 1 tablet PM for another 2 weeks.
2 tablets AM and 2 tablets PM for another 2 weeks.
Then, 3 tablets AM and 3 tablets PM for a long enough period of time to catch your body up on its iodine needs (this could take several months depending on your individual situation).
Once I have determined that you are no longer iodine deficient, I will recommend a maintenance dose of iodine (usually 1-3 tablets per day).

Note: If you have any reaction to increasing your doses, go back to the previous dose for a few more weeks before once again trying to increase.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 July 2008 )