Why Does My Child Have Health Problems?
Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   
Parents tend to assume that their child’s health problems are by chance or possibly a result of being exposed to a germ of some kind. 

In reality, good health is much more logical than this.  Every child at one point in his/her life did have good health (or what I call balance).  A loss of health (imbalance) happens for a reason and more often it is a combination of several things that puts the body over the edge. Examples include poor nutrition, dehydration, chemical toxicity from food, drugs or the environment, lack of sleep, trauma or stress. A child only “catches” something when their body has first become weakened by these other factors.
 Another common misunderstanding is that when a child becomes sick (has symptoms), that he/she has lost his/her health.  On the contrary; symptoms are how the body continues to keep itself in balance.  It is only when these symptoms persist, or worse yet, when the symptoms are treated improperly that health is lost.  Once the body becomes out of balance, it will continue to create new and more severe symptoms in its attempt to restore health.  If these new symptoms are not addressed properly, a child’s health will continue to take a downward spiral. For example, I’ve rarely seen a child with a severe illness (i.e. asthma, juvenile arthritis, seizures, etc.) that did not have a history of other less severe illnesses first.  In most cases, the symptoms of the first illness were not properly treated but instead suppressed with some type of medication.

The proper treatment of a child’s illnesses can be tricky.  In many cases the proper treatment is no treatment.  It is important that we give Mother Nature a chance to succeed on her own.  A child’s body has incredible healing abilities if properly supported.  Support can range from simply feeding your child nutritious food, to providing immune activation, to crisis intervention (i.e. antibiotic therapy or hospitalization). Regardless of the seriousness of the illness, if a child is to ever regain balance, any assistance that is given must be in harmony with the body’s own natural healing abilities.  If not, one set of symptoms will merely be traded for a new and often worse set. If this balance is not restored in childhood, ill health has the potential to become a lifelong sentence.