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Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   

Tale #1
We need the minerals in drinking water for good health.

While it is technically true that there are a few beneficial minerals in water, they are very few.  Mostly what is in water is harmful inorganic minerals (i.e.; dirt) which the body is unable to use and in fact causes harm by depositing in the tissues.  These minerals potentially lead to kidney and gallstones, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cataracts and intestinal disease.  Adequate amounts of beneficial minerals can easily be obtained by eating quality food.  In order for a person to get adequate minerals from water, he or she would need to drink several hundred glasses each day.  For every single good mineral that may randomly be in water there are literally several million harmful ones.

Tale #2
Distilled water will leach the minerals from your body.

Actually this statement is partially true.  Distilled water can potentially help the body rid itself of inorganic (harmful) mineral buildup usually caused by the previous use of mineral water.  Regarding the minerals the body uses (the ones found in food), it would be impossible for any water to leach them out.  Organic minerals are part of the cell structure of food and then become incorporated into the cells of the body once digestion occurs.  It would take a very complicated chemical process to cause this breakdown of minerals in the cells of the body.

One of the most important functions of the kidneys is to control the osmolality (the proper solution of minerals in body fluids).  A release of hormones by the body is what causes the kidneys to excrete excess solutes (minerals), not the type of water a person is drinking (although extra amounts of clean drinking water makes the kidneys job much easier).

Tale #3
Distilled water is “dead water”

Defining what “dead water” means is difficult to get credible information on.  Individuals who have made this statement to me have merely heard it and don’t know what it means.  The best definition I could find was from an interview of a German physicist named Dr. Wolfgand Ludwig.  He stated that “water which has been exposed to chemical pollutants is energetically dead due to the changes in electromagnetic frequency.”  He further stated that “biologically valuable water must contain certain useful frequencies in order for the human organism to benefit from it.”

As a practicing homeopath, I understand this concept well.  Adding a small amount of a particular substance to water is what makes a homeopathic remedy.

Distilled water, however, has gone through evaporation and re-condensation (just like Mother Nature’s hydraulic cycle).  The same water on the planet has been recycled for thousands of years in this way.  I find it difficult to believe that water is not cleaned of past energetic problems by distillation combined with post carbon filtration.  The activated carbon will also give water a biological frequency, ( a frequency compatible with human life).

When water is properly distilled, it becomes free of substances (mostly harmful) which once gave their properties to the water. Removing these properties does not “kill” the water, it “cleans” it, therefore enhancing the waters ability to be used however it’s needed by the body. As the body uses the water, it takes on many different “living” properties.

Tale #4
Distilled water is acidic, caustic, corrosive.

Distilled water before post-carbon filtration does contain extremely low, not dangerous, amounts of both hydroxide and hydronium ion and in an open container (again before carbon filtration) distilled water will react with atmospheric carbon dioxide bringing the pH down to around 5.8 which is far from being hazardous to health.

Post carbon filtration, which is the standard protocol for proper distillation technique, stabilizes these ions bringing the pH to slightly alkaline.

Tale #5
Distilled water tastes bad.

As with anything you try new, it takes the body a few days to get used to the change.

I encourage my patients to try drinking only distilled water for 30 days.  After that trial period, they usually love the taste and can’t stand to drink the water they used to drink.  The body in its natural wisdom soon figures out what is best for it.

Supermarket distilled water on the other hand is nasty due to bad quality control, lack of post carbon filtration and the plastic chemicals of the container leaching into the water.

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