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Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   
  • It is the best water for assisting the body in the removal of waste products and toxins.
  • People will drink more distilled water than other water and more water is better for the body.
  • Food and drinks prepared with distilled water taste better and are healthier.
  • Regular use of distilled water decreases doctor visits and the need for teeth cleaning.


Why is Distilled Water Better?

  • It is the only method of purification capable of removing all biological, chemical, heavy metal and radioactive contamination.
  • It is the most cost-effective method of water purification.

What Exactly is Distilled Water?

  • It is simply Mother Nature’s evaporation and condensation process on a small scale.
  • Water is boiled and the steam rises, leaving behind the contaminates.
  • Volatile chemicals are vented out the top of the still.
  • The steam is condensed back into water.
  • The water is then filtered with activated carbon. See “The Proper Way to Distill Water” for further details.

Are There Any Health Risks with Drinking Distilled Water?

Properly distilled water stored in a non-leaching container is the safest and healthiest water that you can drink.   If you could capture rainwater before the atmosphere or ground pollutes it, you would have distilled water.

What About Bottled Water?

Despite the designer labels and media hype, bottled water in most cases is not much better than tap water.  Bottling companies are only required to meet the same minimum standards as municipal water systems.

Note: Distilled water found at the supermarket has been contaminated by the chemicals in the plastic, which leach into the water.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 April 2008 )
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