Distillation involves vaporizing water by boiling it.  The steam rises, leaving behind most of the bacteria, viruses, chemicals, minerals, and pollutants from the water. The steam is then moved into a condensing chamber, where it is cooled and condensed to become distilled water.

Once consumed, steam-distilled water leaches inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues out of the body.  We believe that only steam-distilled water should be consumed.
Prescription For Nutritional Healing
James F. Balch, M.D.
The minerals contained in Natural water are not of a kind which the cells of the body can use. Consequently they are rejected by the cells and constitute a hazard in the circulatory system.  Distilled Water has the ability to collect these UN-usable minerals and pass them as sediment into the kidneys for excretion.

People who say that Distilled Water leaches minerals out of the body are, therefore, correct only in this respect.  This is only 50% of the truth.  It is virtually impossible for Distilled Water
to separate minerals, which have become an integral part of the cells and tissues of the body.  Distilled water collects ONLY the minerals which remain in the body, minerals discarded from natural water AND from the cells, the minerals which the natural water originally collected from its contact with the earth and the rocks.  Such minerals, having been rejected by the cells of the body are of no constructive value.  On the contrary, they are debris which distilled water is capable of picking up and eliminating from the system.
Water Can Undermine Your Health
Dr. Norman W. Walker

Water is so valuable to the entire system of the human body that it is wise to use only the BEST.  Use pure steam distilled water for health and well being.
Regenerative Diet
Dr. John Christopher

Rainwater is ideal distilled water – but today our air is so polluted that it poisons and contaminates this natural water.  It is a theory of mine that the people mentioned in the Bible who lived to reach fantastic ages drank only rainwater.  Rainwater is distilled water from the clouds.    
Today, however, we live in the age of pollution when even the rains from heaven are polluted.  Such goodies as Strontium 90 from our atomic bombs turn rainwater into deadly poison.  From our industrial plants vicious poisons are sent into the air – sulfur dioxides, lead, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other pollutants.

So, in our present civilization, rainwater is out of the question.  To live in this poisoned world; to survive, and to save ourselves form another kind of destruction – i.e., the complete solidification of the brain structures – we must drink only distilled water.

We do not want our brain arteries and other blood vessels to turn into stone.  You see this condition every day in prematurely old people in deep senility.  Many times you hear the word “fossil” to describe the prehistoric remnants of animals who lived on the earth ages ago.  Yet when you drink a glass of ordinary water, the process of fossilization has already begun. When a person dies of hardening of the arteries, he has reached the ultimate end.
The Shocking Truth About Water
Dr. Paul C. Bragg    

When one drinks impure, dirty water, the body acts as a filter, trapping a percentage of the solids suspended in the water.  A filter eventually becomes clogged and useless – fit only to be thrown away.  The human body might well face the same fate.

But the basic point – that only distilled water avoids mineral buildups in the body – is an inarguable one.  The deposits, which build up in a teakettle from repeated use, are traces of minerals left behind as the water evaporates.  Distilled water leaves no such traces – in a teakettle or in the human body.
It is true that in most hospitals distilled water is used for newborn infants; distilled water is prescribed for heart patients in many cardiac wards. And it is true that kidney stones and other mineral-like buildups in the body are much more common in the areas where the drinking water has high levels in inorganic minerals – and distilled water has none of those at all.

So while distilled water is not to be considered a cure-all, its health values are not to be lightly regarded either.  It is without doubt the best water available to man- and the only truly pure water available in our waste-laden society
Not A Drop To Drink
Dr. Paul Conn

“Let me classify the nine kinds water.  They are hard water, raw water, boiled water, soft water, rain water, snow water, filtered water, de-ionized water, and distilled water. All are kinds of water – but remember this: only one of these nine kinds of water is good for you.

Distilled water is water which has been turned into vapor, so that all its impurities are left behind.  Then, by condensing, it is turned back to pure water.  It is the only water which is pure – the only water free from all impurities.
The Choice Is Clear
Dr. Allen E. Banik

“Even tap water invariably contains a variety of poisons such as chlorine, asbestos, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, and lead.  The best way to remove all these contaminates is by distilling.”
How To Save Teeth: Toxic Free Preventive Dentistry
Dr. David Kennedy, D.D.S.



“The home distiller is the best method and also the best way to get distilled water.  It is the only reliable home water purification for taking fluoride out of the water.”
Fluoride:  The Aging Factor
Dr. John Yiamoyuiannis, Ph.D.

“The only type of water that seems to be fit for consumption is distilled water, which is water that is absolutely free of any minerals or chemicals.

Distilled water is made pure by first being heated to the point of vaporization, so that all of the ‘impurities’ are left behind.  Then, the water is in its purest form.  Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification.”
A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes
Peter A. Lodewick, M.D.

“Water hardness (inorganic minerals in solution) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract.

These (hard minerals) pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system, which delivers all of its product to the blood, which in turn, distributes to all parts of the body.  This is the cause of much human disease.”
Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic

“There are no essential nutrients dissolved in tap water which humans depend on from this source for their survival or well-being.  All essential nutrients can be obtained from foods and proper diet.”
Water – What’s In It For You?
Allen McDaniels, M.D.



“The body’s need for minerals is largely met through foods, not drinking water.”
The American Medical Association

“The only water likely to be clean is distilled water.”
The New Nutrition:  Medicine For The Millenium
Dr. Michael Colgan

“Distilled Water is the only proven way of correcting drinking water pollution in the home.”
U.S. Department of Agriculture

“The minerals which the human body needs that are in the water are insignificant to those in food…and anyone simply eating a varied diet-not even a balanced diet, could hardly suffer a mineral deficiency.”
Dr. Henry A. Schroeder
Dartmouth Medical School


“The body’s need for minerals is largely met through foods, not drinking water.”
The American Medical Association

“The only water likely to be clean is distilled water.”
The New Nutrition:  Medicine For The Millenium
Dr. Michael Colgan

“Distilled Water is the only proven way of correcting drinking water pollution in the home.”
U.S. Department of Agriculture

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