The Proper Way to Distill Water PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   
Water is first brought to a boil in a sealed chamber, causing the steam to rise while leaving the majority of the contaminants behind.  Certain chemicals in water such as chlorine are volatile when boiled – the volatile gases which rise with boiling are vented at the top of the boiling chamber.  The steam is cooled back into a liquid.  The liquid water then passes through activated carbon, which does the following:
  1. Removes any remaining contamination (a few molecules of volatile contaminates may pass with the steam).
  2. Neutralizes the hydroxide and hydronium ions causing the pH to be slightly alkaline which is ideal for the body.
  3. Gives life force to the water.

Note – Distilled water must be stored in stainless steel, glass or polycarbinate plastic to prevent contamination from the materials of the container.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 June 2007 )
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