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Written by Dr. Paul G. Jensen   
Homeopathic Remedies are a safe and powerful way of treating children’s health issues. Because of their effectiveness, homeopathy has been mainstream in Europe and other eastern countries for many years. Homeopathy is not well understood in our country and often confused with herbs or other natural therapies. The difference being that homeopathy uses microdoses of plant, mineral and biological substances, whereas pharmaceuticals, herbals, and other natural supplements use much higher concentrations. Vaccinations closely resemble the microdose concept but do not follow homeopathic principles.
  Larger doses of medicines work to alter the body’s chemistry, whereas a microdose is unable to make this alteration. For this reason, conventional medicine is critical of homeopathy and attributes the success of homeopathics to the placebo effect. What is not understood is that a homeopathic remedy is not intended to work the same way as medicines. Rather than altering chemistry, a microdose stimulates the body to function better on it’s own without the need for a chemical fix.
  Childhood illness can be exhausting to parents especially when the child stays sick for weeks or if the same sickness keeps coming back. The application of prescription medications and dealing with their side effects often adds to a parent's frustration.  It is usually at this point of exhaustion and frustration that parents will seek some type of alternative solution and are often very impressed with both the efficacy of homeopathy and its ability to stop the cycle of reoccurring illness.

  Because children typically have had their health problems for a shorter period of time, they respond to homeopathic treatment much faster than adults do.  Also children historically have had fewer incidents of times when they were treated incorrectly for a previous illness;  and therefore, solving the underlying causes of their ill health becomes less complicated.

  For a Homeopathic remedy to work well, the individual person taking the remedy must have a strong immune response. Have you noticed how miserable a child is when he or she has a cold? This is an example a strong immune response. A Homeopathic remedy is like the commander of the immune army, making it more efficient and effective on the battlefield.

  In addition to issues of efficacy, Homeopathic remedies are an especially desirable solution for children because they have very little taste.  While it is typical for children to resist common prescriptions (perhaps their body is resisting for reasons other than taste), my experience has been that most children take homeopathic remedies willingly and even remind their parents when it's time for additional doses.

  Homeopathic remedies have no harmful side effects. Even if a child were to ingest a full bottle by accident, there would be no risk of toxicity.

  The best thing about using Homeopathy is that it cannot interfere with what the body is doing on its own to heal. As physicians we often assume we are smarter than Mother Nature and disrespect the natural healing abilities of the body by giving it potentially toxic medicine. Homeopathic remedies are completely compatible with any biological process taking place in the body.

  I have often compared the role of a homeopathic remedy to that of a teacher who does not take over when a gifted student is struggling with a problem but instead works with the student providing tools and additional information needed to solve the problem on his/her own. Consequently when a similar problem arises in the future, the student is no longer dependant on the teacher to resolve the problem, but instead utilizes the tools previously learned from the teacher. Homeopathy works in a similar fashion to a teacher. Rather than the body being dependent on a chemical when ill health arises, a homeopathic remedy “teaches” the body what to do to get well on it’s own. As a child’s body learns these skills from homeopathic remedies, the cycle of reoccurring illness (and the need for medication) is broken. More importantly, the child’s body develops healing skills that will last a lifetime.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 April 2008 )
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