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Written by Barbara Dean LMT   

The Benefits of Massage Therapy are numerous and ancient.  Massage in one form or another has been around since approximately 2700 BC.  It started in China, India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.  In addition to medical applications massage was also used for spiritual focus.

Specific benefits may include but not limited to -  Stress and anxiety relief, better sleep, headache relief, relaxes stiff muscles, increased joint mobility, increases circulation, pain relief,

Hippocrates’s original holistic methods included – exercise, massage fresh air, rest, diet and cleanliness.  Massage was one of the primary treatments for athletes in Ancient Greece. It was provided in the gymnasiums and baths throughout their existence in ancient Greece, with the therapists becoming the forerunners of athletic trainers with their knowledge of muscles and their condition and activity during exercise.

As massage was brought into the 20th century it continued to grow with new modalities and a national certification board.  In the 21st century we have a second certification available and most states require certification and a license. As well, some insurance policies will cover massage therapy. Massage also is complementary to Chiropractic treatment as it relaxes the muscles not only making it easier on the body to be adjusted, but easier for the Chiropractor to perform the adjustments. Massage also helps the adjustments last longer making the body healthier.

About the Author:
Barbara Dean is a Licensed Massage Therapist who works at the Alternative Health Center.
She graduated from Provo College in May of 2008 with an Associates of Science Degree in Therapeutic Massage Therapy.
She has lived with her family in Utah for the past 20 years.
Barbara loves the outdoors. She has dogs, cats and a horse.

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